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Broken springs are a common problem with garage doors but attempting to replace one is dangerous unless you have the proper training and experience. In order to provide the lifting power for a heavy garage door, springs operate under extreme tension. One wrong move during removal or installation can cause severe injury. This is why it is best to call the professionals at Plano Garage Door Repair when you have a broken spring.

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The average residential garage door will open and close as many as 1,500 times in a year. Manufacturers always rate springs in cycles, so the lifespan depends on how often you use your door. Neglecting to lubricate moving parts or replace broken components can shorten that life span. When a spring breaks, prompt replacement is necessary to prevent damage to the door and the opener.

Residential solutions

Most residential garage doors rely on one or two torsion springs mounted above the door opening using a spring anchor bracket. A metal rod runs through the middle of the springs and attaches at either end to a drum. The springs apply torque to the rod as they wind or unwind every time a user opens or closes the door. This functions to balance the system. A two-spring system is typically safer. This is true because if one spring gives out while the door is open, the second spring will support the weight and prevent the door from slamming to the ground, which can cause substantial personal injury or property damage. Like most garage door experts, our technicians will always recommend the homeowner replace both springs even if only one of theirs breaks. A system with one new spring and one old spring will put excess strain on the new one. The door becomes unbalanced and loses its ability to operate smoothly. When one spring snaps, the second one is likely to follow suit soon after. You can eliminate the need for an additional service call by replacing both springs simultaneously.

Extension springs

Extension springs also counterbalance the garage door's weight but are located above the horizontal track or along either side of the door opening. The end of each spring has a clipped end, a closed loop or an open loop that attaches securely to a pivot pin, track tension adjusting bolt or pulley. When the door moves, the springs contract or expand accordingly to pull on the system's cables. The individual characteristics of the door, including its size and weight, will determine what size spring the door requires. Springs are available in many different lengths and diameters. Installing the wrong size spring will have a negative effect on performance as well as the spring's lifespan. Our technicians have experience working with doors of all sizes and know how to select the right size spring for optimal performance.

High quality springs

We install only high quality springs that will last for more than 30,000 cycles. When you need new garage door springs, you can rely on Plano Garage Door Repair for quality parts and expert installation.

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