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Garage door manufacturers build their products to provide years of reliable performance but eventually individual components will wear out. The failure of a single part can compromise the whole system. The qualified technicians at Plano Garage Door Repair are trained to diagnose any problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

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Common Garage Doors Issues

The majority of households these days rely on the garage door for access to the house more often than the front door. If the system malfunctions for any reason, the door can become stuck in the open or closed position. An open door compromises the home's security while a closed door represents a major inconvenience, especially if your primary vehicle is trapped inside and you cannot drive it out.

Our experienced technicians

know exactly what to do, regardless of the problem. If repair is possible, they can take care of it. If a part is damaged beyond repair, they can replace it. We stock a variety of garage doors and openers allowing us to provide same day installation and allowing you to resume your normal activities. Most people do not realize how much they rely on a garage door opener until it does not work and they are forced to operate the door manually. Attempting to move such a massive amount of weight can cause injury to the neck, shoulders, back or arms. A quality garage door opener provides convenience and eliminates the risk of injury.

Garage Doors Specialists

The specialists working for Plano Garage Door Repair can troubleshoot, repair and replace any brand of garage door opener. They know what to do regardless of whether the opener is malfunctioning due to a faulty circuit board or a worn pulley, chain or belt. They will arrive at your location with replacement keypads, safety sensors, gears, sprockets and remotes to restore proper function in no time. If replacement is necessary, they have access to professional grade openers available only to authorized dealers. In addition to extending the life of the garage door and its components, regular maintenance can solve the problem if you have a noisy door. Lubricating the chain or replacing a faulty sprocket or gear will eliminate some noise generated by the typical garage door opener. If the door itself is making loud noises, it may be out of balance or in need of new springs or hinges. Contact us for routine maintenance and you can save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

Trained Technicians

Our technicians will never waste your time by keeping you waiting. They will arrive promptly and in most cases, will have everything on the truck they need to handle any service call. They can expedite the process of diagnosing and repairing any problem. If you need a replacement door and we have one in stock, our installers will complete the job by the end of the day. Do not waste your time with amateurs or attempt risky repairs to your garage door without professional help. The experts at Plano Garage Door Repair provide fast and affordable service, installation and maintenance.

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