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The average residential garage door consists of multiple components that work as a single unit to move a massive amount of weight quickly, efficiently and safely. If a single part breaks, it can render the system useless, or worse, cause expensive property damage or injury to the home's occupants. If you need to replace any component of your garage door, the specialists at Plano Garage Door Repair have what you need.

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Garage Door parts - Rollers

Rollers are responsible for smooth operation as the door moves along its track. They are typically made of nylon or steel and each material has its own unique characteristics. Steel rollers are nosier than nylon rollers but they are capable of supporting a heavier door. Nylon rollers are less durable but preferable in climates where moisture can be a problem. Rollers are available in a range of diameters and with stems of varying lengths. A garage door specialist can educate homeowners on which rollers will best suit their needs. Rollers travel along the door tracks in both directions depending on whether the door is opening or closing. The weight and size of the door will determine the length and width of track needed for the system. In some cases, a track adjustment will resolve an issue where the door fails to move smoothly. If the track is bent, replacement is necessary to avoid failure of other components.

Garage Door Cables

Cables are under stress every time the door moves. Cables become loose over time and if they wear too much, they snap unexpectedly. This is a dangerous situation because the force of the recoil can lead to a severe injury or damage to property. If you observe a frayed cable, you should call a qualified repair specialist immediately for replacement. Door springs counterbalance the door and provide the lifting power needed to move its weight. Springs are available in different sizes and weights and installing the right ones to match the door's characteristics is imperative for safe operation. We stock a variety of springs, so our repair specialists can replace them quickly and efficiently.

Garage Door Hinges ' Basic and Important

Hinges are basic components that play an important role in the smooth operation of any garage door. In addition to attaching the door to the wall, hinges on a sectional door allow the individual sections to pivot as the door moves along the tracks. When a hinge breaks, the door can become stuck in one spot until a technician can replace the broken part.

Garage Door Drums & Gears

Garage door drums are part of the system that keeps the door in balance. They attach to the ends of the torsion spring shaft and the cable winds around them as the door opens. When the door closes, the cables unwind and return to their original position. Most residential doors utilize standard-lift cable drums. Worn gears are a common problem with door openers and replacement can solve the problem without the need to buy a new opener. A standard kit contains the various components for this repair including a gear, washers, hardware, a plastic worm wheel and lubricant. Kits are available for all of the most popular openers including Genie and LiftMaster products. Plano Garage Door Repair has all the replacement parts to restore the function of your garage door. Call us for quality parts at competitive prices.

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