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If you are like most people, you rely heavily on your garage door opener and barely give it a second thought until you push the button and nothing happens. Since most openers will complete several thousand cycles over their lifetime, this does not happen very often. When it does, you should call the professionals at Plano Garage Door Repair for help.

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A convenient way to park your car

A door opener offers a convenient way to park your car in the garage without having to get out of the car to open it manually. This allows you to access the house without dealing with harsh weather and provides a level of security when you leave the house or arrive home after dark. Even though daily use puts a strain on the opener's motor and other integral parts, the opener is not what supplies the lifting power to raise a heavy garage door. Springs do the heavy lifting while the opener controls how far the door travels.

Chain drive garage door opener

Consumers can opt for a chain drive garage door opener or a belt drive garage door opener. Chain drive openers are more common because the purchase price is less expensive. These systems have rollers, balanced pins, gears and a chain that rides along a steel rail. If the power goes out, users can trigger the override mechanism and operate the door manually. The downside is the noise produced by the chain's movement.

Belt drive opener

A belt drive opener costs more but the smooth operation is less noisy than a chain drive because it features a steel reinforced belt made of rubber. Purchasing this type of opener makes more sense if the garage has an adjacent living area where the noise can disturb occupants. Genie and LiftMaster are two reliable garage door opener manufacturers that produce quality products. Opener motors come with various levels of power to match the door's size and weight. A half horsepower motor is sufficient for lifting an eight-foot door that weighs up to 500 pounds. A three-quarter horsepower motor is a better option for larger doors. Genie openers incorporate soft start and stop mechanisms for smooth door movement and can lift the average door quickly at approximately 9' per second.

Safety features

Standard safety features use infrared beams to reverse the door's direction if an object or person is in the path and in danger of being crushed. Many modern openers utilize rolling code technology to prevent anyone from stealing an access code when the user activates the remote.

Battery back-ups

Optional battery back-ups eliminate becoming stranded when the power goes out. The back-up unit is attached to the opener motor by a 3' cable that charges the unit. During the first 24 hours after a power outage, the backup will operate the door for up to 50 cycles. Homeowners can avoid premature failure with preventive maintenance. This often eliminates costly repairs by extending the life of the various components. The knowledgeable technicians at Plano Garage Door Repair are familiar with all types of openers and can diagnose and fix any problem. If your opener is giving you trouble, call us today and schedule a service call.

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