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One sure way to get the most out of your garage door and opener is to provide the proper maintenance. Hiring the professionals at Plano Garage Door Repair to inspect your garage door system for worn and broken parts can save you time, expense and the hassle of finding the time in your busy schedule to take care of routine maintenance tasks yourself.

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Garage Door Maintenance

If you are like most people, you use your garage door several times a day. On average, a typical residential garage door opens and closes close to 2,000 times per year. It is common for parts to wear out and break. Our technicians are trained to inspect every component for wear and tighten any brackets, bolts, mounts and hinges that have worked their way loose. They will inspect the weather seal, door panels, rollers, springs, pulleys, drums and more. All moving parts must be well lubricated to reduce friction that can cause components to fail before their time. This includes roller stems, hinges, springs, bearings, steel rollers and any area where metal parts are in contact Our specialists know the best products to use in these areas and how much product to use. Some people who attempt to do this themselves use too much lubricant or the wrong type. Excess lubricant attracts dirt and clogs the system, which puts strain on the parts and is just as damaging as not applying enough lubricant.

Preventive maintenance service

Our preventive maintenance service includes a thorough inspection of the door opener. The chain, front idler sprocket and rear sprocket are areas that require proper lubrication to eliminate any resistance when the motor is engaged. Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to check the electronic sensor and make the proper adjustments that allow the sensor to detect objects in the path of the door and reverse its direction to prevent injury and property damage. They will check the down force pressure and ensure that the safety release is in good working condition. You should be aware of the signs that indicate your door is ready for service. A door that is out of balance loses its ability to remain open and may require more force than usual to open. Balancing a garage door requires adjusting the springs, which are under a tremendous amount of tension. Spring adjustment is a dangerous task that should be left to professionals who have the training and tools to do the job safely.

Garage Door parts

Other parts under tension include the cables, pulleys and rollers. If a cable frays or any other component is old and worn, other parts of the opening mechanism are susceptible to damage that can cause the entire system to fail. To avoid premature failure, you need to schedule regular maintenance. The experienced technicians at Plano Garage Door Repair know how to identify small problems before they have a chance to do further damage and become major problems. Regular maintenance and safety inspections will add years to the life of your garage door, keep you and your loved ones safe and could save you thousands of dollars in property damage.

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